Friday, November 29, 2013

How To Create A Personalized, Customized, Unique, and Beautiful Gift Basket For Your Loved Ones/ Diy Gift Basket Tutorial with Pictures

In this Blog Post, I will share ideas for creating a Personalized, Customized, Unique, and Beautiful gift basket. As a professional and successful Gift Basket creator I will share my tips, tricks, and ideas to create a one of kind gift that your loved one will love and treasure forever.

Here are Some example of My Personal Creations:

First you should search for ideas for what type of gift basket of what to create. First think about your recipient. What are their hobbies? What favorite food, coffee, candy, bath product? What about a favorite color? Check Out My Pinterest Gift Baskets Ideas.

Tailoring and Personalizing is what makes the Gift basket special and one of a kind. You should search the internet for ideas. Look at the different ways you can design your Gift basket. You can make a spa basket, a red Basket, a Rose basket, a kitchen basket, a chocolate lover's basket, the possibilities are endless. Now that you have an idea of what type basket you what to create, let's begin constructing your amazing creation.

Here a list of supplies to start with: Basket or container( coffee cans, plastic Bucket, metal Bucket, Theme container, Etc. I love using weaved wooden baskets Embellishments for handles of the baskets (optional but I love embellishing my baskets ) Ribbon, Silk flowers, Birds, Christmas Picks, ETC. Hot Glue Gun Filler for bottom of the basket: tissue paper shreds, newspaper, Etc. Items you're putting in the baskets: candles, books, tea, mugs, bath salts, lotions, candy, cookies, coffee, Etc. Cellophane or Tulle with ribbon ( I love Tulle)


1) Grab hold of your beautiful basket. Begin by creating a layout for your design for the outside of your basket. Have fun with this part and play around the embellishments. I turn my basket to the side. I like using ribbon, I wrap the ribbon around the handles in a pretty pattern and then add silk flowers , leaves, etc. on the Handles and sometime the fount facing part the basket. I add the embellishments using a glue gun.

2) Cut small stripes of newspaper, add to inside bottom of the basket about 3/4 of the way up. Add tissue paper shreds on top of the newspaper

3) Arrange your small gifts or selected items. I place large items in the back and the smaller items in the fount of the baskets. Make sure to distribute the heavy items evenly throughout the basket so it doesn't fall over. Be sure to stick the items deep and to pack them in tight to prevent items from moving out of place.

4) Lay out about 2 yards of your tulle. Carefully place your amazing, wonderful Gift Basket in the center of the tulle. Bring up the corners or edges of the tulle to the top of the basket. Twist the tulle on top the handles and tie with ribbon.

5) Now sit back and gasp at your creative genius !!
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