Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cheap DIY Day Planner/ Agenda Book with pen holder and closure

Cheap DIY Day Planner/Agenda Book with pen holder and closure

Hi Everyone, 

I love paper planners and agenda books. I know there some many digital ways to plan your time, weeks, your tasks and appointments. I, however, love to print and write out all my important information on paper. Yearly planners are boring and can be expensive to buy.  But you know me. I like to save money and make as many items as I can for myself. Here what I come up with.

Here’s what you need
Scrapbook Paper (I used 12x12 sheets and about 18 pages)
White or colored copier paper
Blank notebook (I used a composition book)
Glue stick
Hot glue gun ( not pictured)

 1)      Glue the scrapbook paper to the front and back cover on both sides with the glue stick. You can trim the excess paper as you go or you can wait until you have glued down all the sheets and then trim the pages ( I chose the later ).

2)      Now it’s time figure out how page to skip for the months.  I skipped every 6 pages (you need two pages for every week) which allows for up five weeks in every month. I used the last pages for notes etc. So every 6 pages, glue a piece of scrapbooking paper to the right side of the notebook. Repeat until you have all the months for January to December. The rest the pages you will use as notes or whatever you what.

3)      Now trim down the excess paper to fit the size of your notebook. Be sure to save the scraps of paper you have left over.

4)      Now let’s make tags for each month. To make the tags simply make rectangles from the left over scraps you reserved.  Make the rectangles as big or as small as you want.  Now take the white paper and cut out smaller rectangles and glue them to the larger rectangles.  I made 14 tags ( 1 for the front cover, 12 for each month and 1 for the note session)

5)      Glue your tags to the pages you covered with scrapbooking paper and write the names of the months etc.  For every week you will write in the day of the week and your appointments, plans, etc.

6)       For the closure, tread the needle with yarn and place button on the front cover.  Sew on the button leaving a 12 inches trail. Tie off the yarn to secure button to cover. Add beads to the other end of the yarn (the trail) and tie a knot to secure the beads.

7)      Warm up the glue gun and cut about 2 inches of ribbon.  Glue down one end of the ribbon. Create a loop large enough to fit a pen and glue down the other end. This will be a pen holder.

8)      Now you just made beautiful and handmade Planner/ Agenda for less than $5.00. And your planner has a closure and pen holder to boot.

What do you use to plan your days?

Please let me know if you any need helpJ
Thanks for spending some time with me!!