Thursday, February 6, 2014

DIY Valentine Sharpie Marker T-shirt/ Twelve reasons I love you.

DIY Valentine Sharpie Marker T-shirt/ Twelve reasons I love you.

Hi Everyone,

Recently I saw a blog about 52 things you love about your sufficient other and I thought that would be great idea for a T-shirt.  How cool to have a hand written message about all reasons you love your lover. Please feel free to use a love quote, a song lyric, whatever special to you.

This is such a great, original DIY valentine gift idea. All you need is a T-shirt, masking tape and a plain sharpie marker.

I now what you're thinking .....A sharpie marker?  You can totally use a plain sharpie marker on fabric.  Really, I promise!  I still have a t-shirt I made 10 years ( the same way) and I wash it regularly.  Just be sure to wash the t-shirt before you decorate with the sharpie markers. You can also heat set your design with a hot iron.  You can also use fabric markers .

Here what you need:

Sharpie Marker
Masking Tape

1)      Tape off your design with masking tape. You can make heart shape or a square. I decide to make a square shape.

   2)      Now it time to design. I write “ I love you for….” and listed all the reasons I love him. I also added hearts and xo’s.

3)      Give it to your beloved.

Here’s a list to help you think of all the reasons you love your beloved.

Thanks for your time.
Happy Valentine Day!!


If you have any questions, please let me know. I love to help J

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