Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY Dollar Store Children Activity Gift Basket

Hi Everyone,

 Hope you're doing well. From this week blog I want to share other DIY gift basket ideas I made for my nephews 6th birthday. I knew everyone in my family was going give him the big gifts, like a tablet, scooter, Nikes, etc. I wanted to give him something we could do together  and that sparked his creativity . I made a visit to the dollar tree near my house.

 Lately, my local dollar tree has expanded the art and crafts session. I love this, you can find great crafting supplies, glue sticks, floral foam, glass beads, wire and much more.
  Anyway, my dollar store now carries  kid 's craft sets, such as sand art, painting clay piggy bankers, origami, and such great stuff all for a dollar. I decided to make a Craft Activity Gift Basket for my little one. He's love the basket.  So far, we made a loin mask, painted a piggie bank , and he's covered my ears with stickers ( sticker earrings). I let him pick want he wants to do. 

 Here's what you need 
 A Large Basket or a plastic container (I got mean at the dollar store) 
 10-15 Kid's craft and activity kits, stickers, markers, Etc.
 White tissue paper
 1 roll of Clear cellophane

 1) Filled up the plastic container with newspaper 3/4 of the way up. Add the cut stripes of white tissue paper.

2) Add your items (stickers, craft kits, markers, books, ETC)

 3) Lay out the Clear cellophane in the shape into the cross shape. Set the basket in the middle (center) of the cellophane, bring up all four sides and twist and tie a ribbon to close-up the basket. Trim out excess cellophane on the top. 

That's It! 

All done and super easy!

Thanks for your time.