Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DIY Upcycled/Recycled Paper Clip Glass Beads Jewelry

 DIY Upcycled/Recycled Paper Clip Glass Beads Jewelry

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're having or had a wonderful New Years Day.
Happy New Years!!

I wanted to share a really quick, easy, cheap DIY Craft project to day. I love saving money and jewelry supplies can add up. 

So, one day I was in the craft store and this friendly lady saw me buying wire, we start talking about how expensive crafting wire can be, and she commented on how she uses paper clips to make earrings eye pins. She said all she does is open the paper clip,  cuts it in the center to create two pieces , make loops at one end of one of the  paperclip wires, adds beads and finally make a loop on the other end and attached earring hook . 

Well you know I had to tried. I had great success with her helpful suggestion . The wire from the paper clip is ridged and paperclips are supper cheap ( you get like 100 of them for less than a dollar).  You can select whatever beads you want, I used glass.  I want to show you  how easy it is  to create beautiful earrings on the cheap.

Let's Start :)

Here the supplies you need

1 regular sized Paper Clip
6-8 beads ( I used glass beads and 4-6 small glass seed beads)
 Wire Cutters
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
2 Earring Hooks

1) Take your paper clip and  Open, and straighten it as much as you can flatten piece of wire. It's okay if the wire isn't fully straight. The beads will cover the bend  parts of the wire.

2) Now eye ball the center of the wire and cut in half.

3) Grab one piece of your wire and on one end create a loop with your round nose pliers. You so this by opening you pliers and placing the wire between the pliers and rolling it to one side until you form a loop. I like to create a medium sized loop so I go about  half way down my round nose pliers.  Straighten the loop of the stem. Now repeat with the second piece of wire.

4) Add your beads to your handmade eye pins (wow you:) and make a loop at the other open end (The end without the loop).

5)  Now it's time to add your Earring hooks. Grabbed you beaded links( or the beaded eye pins you just created), open the loop of the  end you want your earring hooks on and attach the earring hooks.
I do this by twisting the loop up/open and slipping on the earring hooking. I then close the loop by twisting the loop back/down.
 ( I hope that sense, if not I can make you a video)

6) Finally Bask in your creative genius. Check you out,  my crafty  friend. You did it.   

Thank For Your Time :)
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If you have any Questions please contact me. I will get back to you. 

Your comments and questions are important to me.