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DIY Washcloth Lollipops BOUQUET/Centerpiece Arrangement FOR BABY SHOWER GIFT: Great DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

DIY Washcloth Lollipops BOUQUET/Centerpiece Arrangement  FOR BABY SHOWER GIFT: Great DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Hi Everyone,

I went to a baby shower this past week. I had a great time. I such a dork, I love baby shower, the goofy games, the creative gifts and, of course,  the delicious food.  

I needed to create a cheap, quick , and unique DIY Baby Gift, so because I'm a self confessed pinterest addict, I spend  two hours looking at all the DIY baby shower gift ideas I could find.
 I couldn't choose between the washcloths lollipops or the baby sock roses.  So, in the end, I  decided to combine both ideas together to create a Washcloth Lollipops BOUQUET/Centerpiece Arrangement.

The couple I made this baby gift for is waiting to find out the gender of the baby when he/she is born . I used  a neutral color scheme. But you could tweak this idea in whatever way you want.

I love baby showers and I enjoy planning them. There are tons of fun, creative ideas for gifts, games , and decorations.

Here's what  I come up with.

Here the supplies you need:

Bucket  ( the Dollar store)
Foam Letters  ( the Dollar store)
Floral Foam  ( the Dollar store)
6 pairs of baby socks ( make 12 roses) ( the Dollar store)
Tissue paper ( the Dollar store)
Floral tape ( the Dollar store)
Wooden Skewers ( the Dollar store)
Baby Mints ( the Dollar store)
Plastic baby embellishments ( the Dollar store)
12 baby washcloths ( need two for each lollipop) ( I found my washcloths at ross but you get them at  the Dollar store)
 6 baby utensils ( the Dollar store)
Hot glue gun
 Tape  ( the Dollar store)

1) First you're going to add your foam letters to the metal bucket. I spelled out the word baby.

2) Next measure the floral foam to fit the inside  of your bucket.  Wrapped the foam with white tissue paper and tuck fount behind to cover top of foam.

3) To make the washcloth lollipop, you face the washcloth pattern side down and roll up tight in a log. Repeat with second washcloth, Tape down the seam like this

Begin rolling one of the washcloths together cinnabun or pinwheel  style. Make sure that you have the tape sides facing the same direction so you get a good clean look on top. Tape the second washcloth to the end of your first coil washcloth and continue rolling it around.

Turn the roll(the rolled up washcloths) over and tape a baby utensil  to the back of it. I criss crossed the two pieces. Repeat with remaining washcloths until you have 6 Wash cloth lollipops.

4) to the Baby Sock Roses .Lay out your first baby sock.Now, start to fold the toe of the sock upwards.  Roll the base of the sock up so that it is parallel to the opening of the sock.

Then slightly angle the toe of the sock upwards, toward the opening. Keep your rolls fairly tight, but don't overly tug or stretch the sock while rolling it up. Roll until to the edge of the sock. while holding the rolled sock together with one hand, take the opening of the sock with the other hand and begin to open the sock (inside out) around the rolled sock until you have wrapped the opening about half-way up the the length. Now stick a skewer in the bottom of your rose and take to secure. You can also use wire and floral tape if you want like this. Repeat with remaining socks.

5) Now hot glue the mints to wooden  skewers. Repeat with Baby Embellishments.

6) Cut down embellished skewers to  desire size to fit in you bucket.

7) Arrange all the lollipops, roses, embellished skewers in your bucket. That's it you did it:)

Who wouldn't love such a beautiful unique baby gift.

Thanks For Visiting!!

I also Sell these arrangements in my Etsy Shop.

What's your favorite  DIY Baby Gift to make?

If you have any questions please let me know!