Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DIY Crochet Necklaces Tutorial with Pictures Updated with Video

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to show how to make your own DIY Crochet Necklaces.
They look like beads, but they're not! My handmade crocheted ladder ribbon necklaces are a light, bright, colorful scarf alternative made from yarn! A fun way to dress up a T-shirt or turtleneck!

These crocheted necklaces are so light, you can't even tell you have one on!

And look! No clasps! You'll never have to ask for help putting this necklace on. Each crocheted necklace is adjustable--just slide the bead to adjust the length. You can wear it as a choker, long or in between. Ideal for travelling and for women with arthritic fingers or metal allergies.

You can even wear one as a headband! They make great gifts too--just drop it in an envelope to mail to your BFF.

I love these and their easy to make.

Check out my new you-tube video to see me create a crochet necklace from start to finish,  at the end of this post. 

Let's  Start.

Here What you need to start.


Bernat Matrix trellis yarn or similar. ( I found mine at Walmart)

Size J or similar crochet hook.

 Large Bead  with large opening



1) Measure out a 12 inch tail of your yarn and then make your slip knot to begin your crochet.


2) Simply chain stitch for 15 inches

3)Keeping your hook in the last chain, measure out another 12 inches and cut your yarn.

4) Pull your 12 inch yarn tail through your last loop to secure your chain and remove your hook. Repeat this process to make three strands for your necklace.

5) Group your three strands together, line up the strands and cut to equal lengths.  Make a knot at the beginning and end of your chains.

6) To make an adjustable closure, we will add the large bead (bead with large opening).  Thread one side of your yarns through your bead .  Now thread the other side of the strands.  Now thread the other side of the strands.  Make a couple knots to secure your bead and trim the excess yarn. Trim your excess yarn.

7) Now bask in your creative genius. You did it and I knew, you could . It’s beautiful.  

Post  pictures of your creations here.

What’s your Favorite piece of jewelry ? Why?

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