Monday, December 30, 2013

Free Valentine's Bag Topper Printable

Hi Everyone,

    Can you believe Valentine day is quickly approaching?
Wow, it was just Christmas.
Valentine's day always sneak up on me. I look up and the day is here. Will this year things are going to different. I am preparing  early . I am currently creating beautiful Valentine"s  Day printables for my etsy store. I recently taught myself to make my own custom designed tags, bag toppers and printables.  Boy, it was more difficult than I thought it would be. Now after getting  the learning process down, I have so many ideas.

I want to give you a free Valentine's Day Bag Toppers. Just click the down here link above the picture,  download, Share and  Enjoy.
The bag topper fit is 4x4 treat bag.  Simple cut out and fold in half and stable or tape to top of filled  bag.

I love giving valentines, even now that I am 30. I am always looking for reasons to express my love, and devotion to my loved ones. I have so many amazingly supportive people in my life and I know God has blessed me. So,  any small thing I can do to  remind  them of my love and gratitude, I do it. I never want to regret not loving someone enough.

Are you  preparing valentine's day?  What the best Valentine gifts you have ever received or  given?

Thanks for Your Time