Friday, December 13, 2013

My First Give-Away: Enter to Win a Free Journal Kit

Hi Everyone,

I want to do a free Giveaway For a DIY Journal Kit.
This giveaway is for you.
I know you have been shopping for everyone else for the past few months .
 Let This year be a year of reflection, self discovery, and creativity For You.
Give yourself a choice to win DIY Journal Kit.


The junk journal kit has everything you need to create your own personalized journal ( you can create a junk, art, travel, or whatever else your heart can dream up with this kit) The Kit includes a recycled hand painted card board cover with yarn and bead closure, buttons, 40 blank pages (notebook paper, vintage book pages, drawing pages, card stock , handmade papers, etc.), envelopes, greeting cards, magazine stickers, stickers, rubber bands, string/yarn, handmade beads, color card, handmade washi tapes, diy bonders and tags, materials for two binding options and booklet about how make a junk journal with journaling ideas.
Be Inspired!! 

Giveaway ends 1-30-2014

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