Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY Wrapping Paper

Hello Everyone,

I want to share how I make my own DIY Wrapping paper for gifts I give. I make most of my Christmas Gifts. I enjoy crafting something about  it feeds my soul.  I love making my own wrapping paper. You can adjust the design, and color . I make my mine DIY wrapping paper to use to package all my Etsy orders.

All you need is a roll of brown paper package . I buy mine at the Dollar tree . You will also need a stamp and ink ( or a marker like I used because that what I had on hand).  All  you do is cut off a piece of the brown paper and stamp it. I like some parts faded and some bold and deeply imprinted.

 I finish off all my package with String. Every time I tie a package with string,  I sing the "my favorite things" song from the sound of music. I love that movie:) Happy Thoughts.