Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to make DIY Cufflinks / Handmade Decorative Cufflinks

How to make DIY Valentine’s Cufflinks / Handmade Decorative Cufflinks

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This week, I decide show you how to create Valentine’s cufflinks 

for the man in your life. Decorative cufflinks make a wonderful 
and easy gift idea.  

The best part, DIY Cufflinks only take about 5 minutes to make.

Please feel to customize the cufflinks for any occasion. You could 

use these simple steps to create customized cufflinks for your 

groomsmen in your wedding party.  

Panda Hall sells a variety of cufflink settings, in lots of different 


Here a link to the Cufflink Setting, I used in this video.

Supplies List:
Aileen Jewel It Glue
Scrapbooking  Paper
Cufflink Tray Setting  From Panda Hall

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