Friday, April 17, 2015

how to make a Beaded Scarf Necklace / DIY Scarf Necklace

Hi Everyone,

This blog post was sponsored by Panda Hall. So recently, I was shopping at Michael’s craft store and I saw a necklace scarf. It was a beaded necklace and you could attach a scarf too.  I loved it and I want one. The only problem was the price. This necklace was $20.00, way out of my budget.  So, I examined the necklace closely and tried to figure out how I could create the necklace.  And I did!

You simply make a necklace and attach it to loops so you can tread in your scarf. The best part of this design is you can interchange different scarves. And you can wear this necklace in a number of different ways.

I find all the supplies for this necklace at Panda Hall. They have a great collection of products. Check them out.  

Here’s the supplies you need for this project:
 Jump Rings
Jewelry Wire
Bracelet clasps



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