Friday, March 7, 2014

DIY Mini Book Pages Notebooks/ Mini Books with book page paper flowers - video and written tutorial

DIY  Mini Book Pages Notebooks/ Mini Books with book page paper flowers - video and written tutorial

Hi Everyone,

So I have confession to make. I am a book hoarder. Seriously,  I have over 300 books. I mean every type of book you can imagine, cookbooks, fiction, Catholic / Religious books,  novels , crafts, flower arranging, you names name it I probably have a book about it.    
And I have read every one of them. Books are filled with treasures; Mysteries, wisdom, knowledge, art and beauty. Books speak to my spirit!  I obsessed with crafts and DIYs’ using book pages. Here is my latest creation.  

If you want to create book page paper flowers to embellish your mini notebook be sure watch the second part of my video.

Here what you need to create your own DIY Book Page Notebook.

Cardboard (old cereal boxes work  great)
Glue Stick
Scissor or paper cutter
Plain white paper (I used printer paper and about 4 sheets)
Book Pages (I used about 5 pages)
Hot Glue Gun ( If making book page paper flowers)
Buttons ( For flowers) 

1)      Decide what size to you wants to make your mini book, mine measure 4 ½ inches down by 3 1/2 inches across. Make your mini book as big or as small as you want. Cut the cardboard to whatever size you want and cover back and front with the book pages using the glue stick. This will be the cover for your mini book.

   2)      Cut down the plain white paper to the same size of your cover minus ¼ inch on each size. You will use this paper as the pages for your mini book. Keep in mind the stapler has to go through all the pages.   Fold the white pages and the cover in half.

   3)      Line the white page along the middle fold (the place you folded the cover in half) Staple white pages to the cover.

  4)      Cut a 2 inches strip of book page and glue the strip to the outside of your mini book along the spine. The strip will hide the staples.

5)      If you would like to learn how make beautiful pretty book page paper flowers watch the second video below. Hot glue  the paper flowers to cover. 

What’s your favorite book?
Thanks for spending some time with me J


If you have any questions please let me know. Your comments are very important to me.

See you next Friday with another great DIY.